Chris Graham Coaching

Business coach for Emmy®, GRAMMY®, & Tony® winners 
and creative business owners like you.

I specialize in helping business owners who are "thriving to death".

You're crushing it, but sacrificing relationships and your mental and physical health. You've lost the joy you once had from doing work that mattered. You're past capacity and worried about keeping up without letting anyone down.

Your business used to be fun - you loved your customers, employees, and business partners.

Now- you're treading water in a sea of overwhelm. 

How did you get here, and how do you get back on track? I can help, and I'm really good at it.

In my experience, my most successful clients are those who are in therapy. They're invested in self-improvement, exploring how their past experiences have shaped their present, and navigating the intersection of creativity and mental health.

My coaching approach feels like business therapy - a supportive space for you to explore your challenges, discover your superpowers, identify solutions, and develop healthy strategies for growth.

If this sounds like what you're looking for, send me a text and let's talk.


-Chris Graham

When it comes to business stuff, Chris is the most ninja mother-&#$%@* I've ever met.

Lij Shaw GRAMMY winner, audio engineer, producer, & podcaster.

Chris may be the biggest influence on my business decisions.

Brandon Rike - Creative Director for GRAMMY winning band 

twenty øne piløts

Working with Chris was incredible. His wit, candor and all around personality were charming and comfortable to work with. He is also a fountain of enthusiasm and wonderful ideas. Looking forward to more!!

Jessica Paz - Tony winning sound designer for HADESTOWN