Market Your Creative Business

Christian Caicedo

I’ve spent my time learning the ins and outs of digital marketing earning certifications in both social media marketing & Google Ads; all so you don’t have to spend your critical time trying to research and stay up to date with the latest marketing trends. 

Let me help you by guiding you through your marketing journey to better serve your future leads/clients.

Joel Proulx

"Christian's coaching calls have definitely helped me out a lot. He's opened my eyes and shown me new ways to grow my Youtube channel/business. He's super knowledgeable and will be hiring him again in the future."

Marius Sqieboda

"Christian is a real human! A nice person with clear communication. He helps a lot with getting things running and pushing my Google Ads to a better position. Christian has incredible knowledge, which is worth a lot. I will book him again and again."

Michael Irish

"Christian has been a huge help in guiding me toward simple solutions in my search for a reliable source of leads. He has been attentive to my unique needs as a business owner and given me ways to accurately track my marketing spend.

Christian has also been great about answering questions between calls, taking extra time to ensure we cover everything we need to and generally going above and beyond to make sure I’m getting what I need from the relationship."

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