Child Sex Abuse Prevention Education

"One of the Lucky Ones"

 A multi-media presentation for students about child sexual abuse prevention.

Chris Graham is a leading voice in the fight to prevent child sex abuse in Ohio. Recognized by NPR, NBC, CBS, The Dispatch, and many other media outlets, Chris has dedicated himself to preventing child sex abuse by speaking publicly about his own childhood trauma.

Beyond being a viral podcaster and world-class business coach who has worked with Emmy, Grammy & Tony winners, Chris advocates regularly at the Ohio Statehouse to create bipartisan legislation to protect kids from sexual abuse in Ohio.

Chris has lead the charge in creating legislation for Ohio's Boy Scout Survivors dubbed "The Scout's Honor Law", which recently passed the Ohio House of Representatives unanimously. He is currently leading the fight to get it passed by the Ohio Senate.

The topic of child sex abuse remains challenging for our society to address openly, and it is with this understanding that Chris has meticulously crafted a presentation that entertains, informs, and empowers students. 

Utilizing a multimedia based story-telling approach, Chris equips and empowers students with the tools he didn't have when the unthinkable happened to him at 14 years old.

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Chris Graham, you are one of the bravest people I know...

Colleen Marshall 

Anchor for NBC, 8x Emmy winner


Thank you Chris Graham for your advocacy work!

Senator Antonio (D)

Senate Minority Leader


Turn up the heat brother! Let’s keep working together! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’ͺ❀️

Rep Scott Lipps (R)

Championed & passed Erin's Law


Chris Graham is a strong voice and advocate in this space.

Rep Allison Russo (D)

House Minority Leader


I am so grateful for you and your willingness to be vulnerable to help and serve others. Praying for you and this to be a blessing for future generations.

Senator Kunze (R)

Founded the  "Children's Caucus"